Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Forget me

Forget me
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also in the vet's office... tugging at your guilt

now you can have a piece of art to help you "forget" "remember"


Andrew Pendleton said...

What's the problem, here? Leaving out the quotes leave us with "The Remembering Pendant." The pendant, itself, is not remembering anything, so that doesn't make any sense. I think these quotes are justified.

Anonymous said...

To say nothing of how creepy it is to hang your dead pet's ashes around your neck... Eeewww!

Unknown said...

And you can't forget that it's a unique piece of ART. All caps = screaming at me that this sad excuse of a pendant has intrinsic aesthetic value -- I'm not convinced. But it's ok; I will just "remember" it down the road if I decide I want ashes of a dead animal hanging around my neck.

relarion said...

I agree with Andrew; I think they're justified.

Derek Manuel said...

I'm with Andrew and Lorraine. I think this one is okay. Shitty product, indeed, but I don't see a problem with the quotes. "Remembering" seems like something of a title for this work of ART.