Friday, October 23, 2009

become a good "listener"

This submitter teaches a class at a gym, and got this memo. I guess this gym is full of euphemisms for how to manipulate your members or something.


Apostrophe Avengers said...

Show them you "care."

Mike said...

That is my kind of gym: take a class, then go to Starbucks to get a "shake" to replenish all those calories.

toep said...

Who wrote this thing? Does it sound "desparate" or what?

My personal favorite is #5: Become a great "Listener" which, for emphasis i guess, is followed immediately by "Be genuinely interested! 'eye contact'" lol

mystic_eye_cda said...

"Social" outside class

I need a verb! dammit! Plus if the instructor invites the whole class to starbucks:
1) They are going to assume the instructor is paying
2) They are going consume way too many calories

Also the superfluous tabs after the numbers 10 and 11 aggravate me far too much, I'm clearly insane

Bill Kuhn said...

Forget about the Starbuck 'shake' - I'm taking this class so I can head to Bonefish for drinks after it!

They actually should put quotes around 'shake', since Starbucks has nothing by that name on their menu! At least here in Seattle.