Monday, October 19, 2009

if soft serve can be considered real

Katherine poetically wrote to me, "This sign takes my notions of reality and of the proper use of quotation marks and sends them twisting and swirling like so much soft-serve ice cream."


toep said...

i don't know where this is but i would like to go there so i can compare it to all that fake stuff i've been consuming these many years.

mystic_eye_cda said...

Well a lot of "soft serve" can't technically be called "ice cream", at least not under Canadian law because of the lower fat content. Also I believe Canada has stricter rules on adding filers to "ice cream" which is why a lot of brands call things "frozen dessert" or similar

McDonald's for example serves "ice milk" which is why a hot fudge sundae has less calories and sugar than a bran muffin.

I can't find the Canadian law, but in the US to be "ice cream" it has to have 10% milk fat: