Monday, June 09, 2008

ok for curvy people too

I guess there is no guarantee that these jeans will actually make you become or appear skinny. Thanks Andrea.


April said...

Funny Blog!

Anonymous said...

Faye can ware them too!!!

(cross pollination is fun!)

Anonymous said...

thank you for making the best blog ever!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think this usage is somewhat OK. "Skinny" jeans is a specific style of jeans. I wouldn't necessarily use quotes for "boot-cut" jeans, but I would use quotes for "mom" jeans.

It's not the worst usage of "unnecessary" "quotes" I've ever "seen," so don't "kill" the "writer."

Juliet said...

I think the quotations are totally appropriate. They are probably knock-offs of some kind and therefore may or may not be skinny jeans.

There are varying degrees of skinny jeans and only 4 people in North America look good in them.

The worst skinny jean offenders are guys with legs the same circumference as my wrists with no asses to speak of... shudder.
If you're that skinny, you don't want to show that off.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one seeing the lower case i amongst the capital s,k,n,n,y?