Thursday, June 26, 2008

you know, a "songwriter"

this one you probably have to enlarge to see, but it says "songwriter" nashville's newest "Rozetta Linger".  Susan saw it in a parade.  I guess she is having her songs ghostwritten and using an assumed name.  Good one.


Jeff Kelley said...

With hits like “Rock’s in My Pocket’s” and “Here You Are I Am “Next”,” she’s sure to shoot to the top of the charts!

Kirsten Schultz said...

So she's a "songwriter" like Britney Spears?

Can I just say that the car looks so tacky? Seriously, you can get magnets for your car that you can write on instead of using poster paper...

Hot Cup said...

I'm loving the counting:

Also, the bunches of unnecessary apostrophes. But then, "Gods Christmas Carol"? I guess she ran out!

The Great Joe Bivins said...

Can we put aside the disastrous punctuation for a moment and someone tell me why exactly this person turned her car into a shoddy advertisement for herself? Do I just not understand the intricacies of self-promotion?

Anonymous said...

There's also a great deal of apostrophe abuse going on there - and it looks as though they couldn't decide if song #3 should be "Mamma's Prayers" or "Momma's Prayers."

Ame-gee said...

Oh my God. This is a little remniscent of my all time favorite post- do yourself a favor and spend a few moments with it again- the "no sex policy" in the Greatest Hits. It might just be the funniest thing in my life. And some of the comments on it are almost as good as the photo.

Crystal said...

Who is this lady? LOL Where is this pic from? Also what is this site i just stumbled upon it haha

shes crazee!!