Monday, November 17, 2008

Trying to use my powers for good

Last year "blog" readers made a significant difference in my friend's fund-raising efforts to bring a group of 8th graders from low-income families near the US border with Mexico on an educational trip to Washington DC. I've known Claire for a long time, but you don't, but this is how you can tell she's a great person and a dedicated teacher: she's willing to supervise a group of 8th graders on an educational trip to Washington DC.

I don't often post off-topic items on this "blog", but I really like this opportunity because the comments here often feature people lamenting the quality of our education system to produce such poor grammarians. I'm not doing much to help others by making fun of people on the internet, but people like Claire are doing a lot to even the playing field for kids who wouldn't have many opportunities otherwise.

I know these are tough economic times, but if there was $1 donated for each unique visit my blog gets in a day, we'd be able to sponsor almost 2 whole students on this trip. Please consider giving a little bit of money to this worthy cause.

For more information, check out the facebook group.


James Gilmore said...

Better to sponsor two whole students than to sponsor one student and some fraction of another. You'd hate to see one of these kids have to leave behind a limb or two just to go to Washington.

Unknown said...

True, James, but you'd know their heart is in it! Assuming you took that part.

Unknown said...

"If there were a dollar donated for each unique visit my blog gets a day ..."