Friday, October 16, 2009

not real magic

Jessica spotted this in New Zeeland. I guess Santa isn't quite as excellent as he likes to think.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure these quotes are all that unecessary. I really do think they're using these quotes specifically to say "not real magic".

Kids who are young enough to believe in Santa will simply parse it as "Santa's magical workshop", a phrase which in some parts of the country might offend devout Christians since magic is akin to witchcraft which is satanic. A true believer might see "Santa's magical workshop" and decide not to patronize the establishment because magic is evil.

With the "it's not really magic" quotes around "magical", these people would instead think "ok this is a good Christian establishment cause they're not talking REAL witchcraft, just the made-up santa kind"

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find this uncomfortably suggestive?

Vicki said...

Especially since it's open from 8:30 till midnight. Um, are those really prime visiting hours for kids?

Seth Christenfeld said...

Is that near New Zealand?