Saturday, October 17, 2009

yeah, sure

I'll just give you Dylan's explanation for this one:
I work at a newspaper, and we got a preview copy of this book in the mail. You should see the inside of it -- the whole thing is printed in 24-point type, with half-inch margins, and quote marks around just about every other word. (The book is supposed to be about handwriting analysis, and, conversely, improving your own "traits" and "characteristics" by improving your handwriting -- somehow. And I use those quote marks intentionally.)

Meanwhile, if you'd like a reminder about the 24/24 event next week, RSVP to the facebook event. (Perhaps I should call it an "event.")


toep said...

I'm struck by an image produced by the word "expressed" which Merriam-
Webster defines: to subject to pressure so as to extract something.

Alissa Grosso said...

I used to work for a small newspaper publisher, and on a slow day was assigned the task of reading a self-published "memoir novel" that we received for review. I entertained my coworkers by reading the worst passages aloud.