Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm "happy" for you too

Chris in Boulder shares this story:

My landlady, whenever she sends me a receipt for my rent, always says things like "Thank you" and "Have a great day!" (In quotation marks, of course.) I've never quite been able to figure out if it's because she wants me to imagine her saying those words out loud or what. But today, I received the best letter from her so far. I'm leaving my apartment after two years because I've accepted a job out of state, so my landlady writes:

"Congratulations." We are so "happy" for you. My family and I hate to see you leave, but that's the way progress goes.
We wish you the best in your new endeavors. So let us hear from you once in a while.

It would have been better if it had said, let us "hear" from you once in a while. Then I could "contact" them telling them how "thankful" I am that I had such a "fun" time living in their "apartment."
My own apartment managers tend to send curiously worded and punctuated notices, although never inappropriate quotation marks.

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