Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"notified" and "contacted"

Rachel writes of this picture: "My principal is kind of crazy anyway -- he printed out the "instructional framework" for the school and hung it up in the bathrooms to encourage us -- but these posters just went up last week. And no, I have no idea how to "notify" or "contact" someone. I guess you ignore a rule everyone else already knew about, and then freak out when you get in trouble over it?"

What I like about this one is the subtle implication that one can be "notified" without being "contacted".


Candice said...

What must be removed, exactly? The doors?

James Gilmore said...

I think the panels had to be removed.

We need a "Blog of Dangling Modifiers."

Mansard said...

Jimmy, that was rich.


I especially like that the principal wrote this gem.

I student taught English. My letter of recommendation from my supervising teacher was filled with bad grammar and punctuation errors--it was so bad I couldn't use it. I wish I had saved it to post on my blog.