Monday, June 18, 2007

stop being "insensitive"

Reader Ed directs us to this anger management website, and quips, "Hmm, maybe your co-workers wouldn't be so angry if you'd take their concerns seriously and stop putting them in scare quotes!"

an excerpt:
Such persons are "culturally incompetent" and are not "sensitive" to other people "feelings" ways of seeing, doing and understanding things. They lack "insight" about other people beliefs, values and practices and are unable to "dialogue" about their differences. And when conflicts arise, their lack of "insight" and cultural competence makes positive cooperation difficult and sometimes, even impossible. This kind of cultural "narrow-mindedness" is then perceived as disrespect by others and triggers their anger (rage) and its violent consequences.
I have an "insight" into their grammar - it's weird. Also, they aren't sure whether cultural competence should be quoted or not. That's maybe the best thing of all. Thanks ed!

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