Thursday, June 14, 2007

jobs that "matter"

Jill in Corpus Christi, TX found this on a table (click to enlarge). While I might be able to pass "jobs that matter" as a slogan and therefore borderline, "rescue disaster victims" makes absolutely no sense. Why is that quoted but not "bust drug smugglers and save the environment." I would think that of all of those activities, the rescue is the most literal and straightforward. The rest are kind of large tasks you help work on but won't do completely. Maybe there is some question as to what counts as a "disaster" or "victim."

PS. Posting may be sporadic this weekend. My birthday is tomorrow and I'm in LA celebrating. These celebrations may take me away from the internets.


Anonymous said...

Fun stuff. :)

I thought of this site yesterday when I was looking at the menu for the daycare I work at. Nothing was in quotation marks on the entire menu except the snack for an afternoon next week: "puppy chow." I guess the name of that snack hasn't earned its official status yet.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Bethany.

Thanks for the daily dose of "unnecessary" humour.

john said...

happy birthday, dudette

Nicole said...

Love it. Happy Birthday!