Monday, June 18, 2007

well, you can't give yourself a nickname

Catherine writes in with this one, suggesting "I wonder if everyone else in the Rotary Club had a nickname, but Malcolm just never got one? So he's Malcolm aka "Malcolm" Robinson...?"

Of course, poor Malcolm is not at fault here. I've seen nametags using this convention before - if someone prefers to use a shortened name (say, "Mike" for Michael or "Sue" for Susan) then that's the bigger, quotation marks name. But as many people (including me) use their given name, it does end up looking kind of stupid.

(in other news, this post title is an obscure reference to Sports Night. Probably Jim and my dad are the only ones who get it.)

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Bob K said...

You could use another tool for a nickname - how about "Phillips-head screwdriver?"