Friday, June 01, 2007

this story features professional "courtesy" indeed

This story comes from reader Lizzy:

Until recently, I worked at a very yuppy gelato shop in a very yuppy city which shall remain nameless. Somehow I got on the owner's bad side, and he no longer schedules me to work. He never actually told me I was fired, though (maybe I should submit this to passive agressive notes too). So the other day I went in to get my fix of free gelato the other day (it's still tasty, even though I hate the owner), and the employee who was working didn't charge me, as usual.
When I got home I had this email waiting for me. I think the parentheses piss me off even more than the quotation marks, because it suggests that I'm incapable of knowing how many two really is or remembering what day it was yesterday. Ugh.

Hi Lizzy,
Normally "free" gelato is reserved for people on the working schedule. The two (2) pints yesterday (Monday) were given at no charge as a "courtesy". If you order gelato in the future you will be charged.

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