Saturday, June 16, 2007

my vacations benefit the "blog"

It's my blog, so I get to delay all your submissions and post something from my exciting birthday weekend. We went hiking several places in the SoCal desert (yes, it WAS very hot) and this was where we had to check in our car before hiking down to a lovely spot with a stream and some hotsprings. Rest assured, there was nothing uncertain about whether or not you had to stop - you needed to get out of the car to do things. Like fill out the slip for which there was an "example":

Thanks to those of you who left birthday wishes. My 24th year of life is starting out well!


DW_558 said...

Here is a STOP sign that someone decided to ignore:
and another one that was so emphatic, it was either glowing or radioactive rather than just red:

John said...

That "glowing" STOP sign is simply a regular STOP sign caught in a camera flash. Due to the legally mandated reflective properties of STOP (and other street signs), the flash appears weirdly amplified, also causing the normally red coloring layer to appear as a glowing orange. Normal wear and tear accounts for the dimishing of the effect along those edges. Sorry to burst your bubble.

DW_558 said...

Thanks for the feedback nevertheless! :-)

Avyn said...

Previously known as John, and you're welcome"."