Sunday, June 10, 2007

no "cuts"

oregoncoastgirl passed on this image which she found here (more context available at the original post). As I understand it, this is a situation like in my hometown, Holland Michigan, when before the big tulip parade people will reserve their place on the parade route using string and stakes, placing chairs or blankets out, etc. The time when this kind of activity began kept creeping earlier, and earlier, and got a little ridiculous, not to mention ugly when the parade routes themselves (lined with tulips) are part of the tourist attraction. So the city legislated how early this kind of activity could take place. Perhaps advisable in Portland to avoid passive aggressive signs that misuse quotation marks....

But I think what's really important is that nobody wants to be the kind of person who "cuts in line." Is that some kind of euphemism?

(I jumped the queue for this one as it seems timely and is already on the internet - other submitters rest assured I will get to you too! And sorry for the delay. Things happen.)


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So, this is the type of post that "cuts in line?" Perhaps we should start calling you Bethan"E"?