Saturday, September 20, 2008


Angus saw this one in Melbourne, Australia. Evidently it depends on your definition of value.


Lucy Corrander said...

On torn-off paper.



Unknown said...

I now know after a brief Google search, that VIctoria is a state in Australia. I must admit at first however, I was thinking to myself, "Who's Victoria?!"

MC said...

I don't think "quotation marks" are "unnecessary" in this case as it appears to be quoting from the research report noted at the bottom (hence the torn paper).

Am I right? If so, EPIC CORRECT USAGE!

Gallipot Editor, Ms Nguyen said...

Hmmm. To double or single quotation mark in Australia? The Style manual, published by the Commonwealth Government Printing Office, recommends the use of single quotation marks. Safeway needs to be more consistent.

Timeoin said...

They have the same thing for Woolworths stores, too. Only they Australia instead of Victoria.