Thursday, June 07, 2007

bumper stickers are often confusing

Reader Alex sends me this photo. Due to the strong feelings on both sides of this issue, I am carefully avoiding comment on the content of this one, but I really am flummoxed by what those quotation marks are supposed to signify.


Anonymous said...

As I see this as the only way to cantact you, I will take advantage.

I like this page, it is a hoot. I adore finding little linguistic gems like these. I once found an American Flag on a gas pump handle, below it was the following rejoinder:

In "God" we trust

What a crack up. I have a picture of it.

I also have a post on my own blog wherein you could find a story with two seperete iterations of aggresively used quotation marks.

It would please me if you read it.

You may contact me if you are so inclined, and you may also have the pictures of which I speak.

Thank you,


bethany said...

thanks for the tip anon. For future reference, my email address is right there in the sidebar, so there are actually two ways to contact me...

I've never seen an example of guerilla quotation marks adding before...