Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"mandatory" means you only have to go if you need brownie points

A reader who prefers to remain anonymous sent this email
to me recently:

the secretary at my work is always sending out memos like the following:

Attached is the list of "Mandatory" Staff Meetings for the the rest of the 2007 Calendar Year. . .

Please notice the times and make sure you will be able to attend "one" of the appropriate meetings. If their is a conflict with your schedule you need to discuss with your appropriate manager. Make sure you are "prompt" to the appropriate start time of these meetings.

Please print a copy for yourselves and I will post a copy of this schedule in the appropriate copy/storage rooms.
Thank you.
Clearly the best part is that you need to attend "one" of these meetings. Because many of us will sneakily attend more than one...


jenna said...

omg, i just found your site - it's awesome!!

this is fucking fantastic. apparently you can not go to these meeting, or show up late! brilliant!

Angela Lau. said...

maybe they really should've used BOLD on this one.

no? :D