Friday, May 30, 2008

the blogger is "not" a big geek

This is clearly some derivative artwork from Magritte or Duchamp.  Except not quite as pure.  Thanks, Norm.
See more trash can art here.


Anonymous said...

Well, since it clearly is a garbage can, the quotes seem appropriate!

Larry Sheldon said...

I can't find an email address to send this to, so....'

blogspot has decided to spam me on behalf of a blog.

I have not given blogspot any of my email addresses for the purpose of unsolicited contact. has declined to respond to my complaint.

I am therefore removing your blog from my daily rotation of blogs that I read that I can identify as blogspot blogs.

I am sorry--I will miss your writing.

bethany said...

sorry to hear that, Larry.

Anonymous said...

No one ever spams me... I feel unloved :(

Kirsten Schultz said...

One man's trashcan is another man's treasure chest?

SF Mom of One said...

Oh yeah, echoes of "this is not a pipe." That is "brilliant!" (In the UK sense of the word, so I get my quotation marks, being an American. Have you thought of doing entries on parantheses?)

This is not spam, but I do love your blog.