Tuesday, May 27, 2008

These drinks actually make you thirsty

Reg writes about his excellent adventure in getting this picture:
We'd been seeing this for weeks in the student union cafeteria and it boggled the mind, so I finally remembered to take a shot of it and promptly got yelled at by one of the cashiers. Whoops. Totally worth it though!
Thanks for risking your reputation to help our cause, Reg.

This is, of course, not the first drink-related sign we've found.


adrienne said...

Wow- the brand name only makes me think of high school hazing where Cro-Magnon senior boys gave freshman boys swirlies.

Not an allusion to anything one would voluntarily drink...

Patrick said...

Wow, this blog makes me laugh.

Nitin Reddy Katkam said...

I wonder why storekeepers try to keep anyone from taking photographs... it's not like they're running a super secret military base there,