Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"no tuition"

Maybe they mean to emphasize that your tax money pays for the school, whether or not you enroll.  Or they charge ludicrous fees.  Thanks, Kimberly.


Anonymous said...

Honest question: Does the school or the student do the enrolling?

I've seen school advertisements that say "Enroll now!" with impression that it is an activity of the student.

This banner seems to indicate the other position.

Any idea which is right?

Kirsten Schultz said...


The student enrolls in the school. I know it's pretty confusing.

It's like me attending college this past year with "no tuition" - maybe they have grants?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's really a school for layabouts as they don't actually teach anything.

Anonymous said...

I'm with 'Anonomyous' above - note it says "No Tuition", not "No Tuition Fees".