Friday, May 30, 2008

Southie "time"

I have no idea what Southie "time" or Southie Time might mean, but evidently it's always going on.  Thanks, Eileen.


Norma said...

I'm from Boston and I can explain this one to you...the older folks in the Boston neighborhoods, especially South Boston ("Southie") and Dorchester ("Dot") refer to a party as a "time," as in, "We had a time for Sully down at the Elks hall on Saturday when he retired from the fire department." Like that. I don't know how that usage came about...but people of, say, 50 years old and up will refer to any big shindig as a "time."

bethany said...

ahhhh. Those quotation marks are kind of appropriate then. I am glad I posted it anyway, because of that interesting tidbit.