Friday, October 12, 2007

and even more fake polite

Neil and Brooke are so into it that they sent me several pictures. Here are my two favorites: fake polite AND fake flavors!


jspencer said...

I'm sorry, but sweet and salty are NOT colloquialisms or slang when it comes to popcorn (unless they're trying to use a little innuendo or something)

I mean, what are these people THINKING when they get this stuff professionally made?!

Jeff Chausse said...

Apparently the submitter has never read a Zagat review.

Outrageouschaos said...

Yes, I have.

At the same fair where I spotted the second picture, (Tunbridge World's Fair in Tunbridge, Vermont...which is small enough to be ironically re-titled Tunbridge "World's" Fair...) I saw this sign. Improper use of "your" is second only to improper use of the mighty quotation mark, in my book.

Jay said...

What a wonderful example of random capitalization as well as of the misuse of quotation marks.