Friday, October 26, 2007

I'll write in white out

or you could use "erased" "pencil" - whatever. Thanks, Adrian.


Meta said...

Oh my god! I may have finally found someone who can understand why I nearly suffocated from laughter at some posts from a woman on a forum I used to visit. They are unfortunately not in picture form but I would like to share them with you anyway as no-one else seems to appreciate them:

I'm very lenient in my forum depending on "where" members are posting.
If they're posting in the regular, "just for fun" type areas they can pretty much say what they want, say it how they want and use the words they want. Just as long as they are civil with one another, I allow members to be as 'real' as they want to be. If they want to curse they are welcome to (within reason, of course, and not in a way directed cruelly at others) and if they don't want to curse or even 'see' curse words they have the choice to enable the "hide curse words" option.
As for posting in the more serious topics in my forum (IE: the "business" side of things) I fully expect 'all' members to follow the rules and guidelines. Being that these areas are used for promoting online earning opportunities, networking 'yourself' and seeking referrals, etc, it needs to be used on, and viewed on, a professional level.
I love the way you have the layout setup; everything seems to be so appropriately 'placed' and centered where necessary. I also like the idea that it is not to 'fancy.'

Kim & Dic said...

that was a pretty "long" comment, I bet it would look nice written with a "ballpoint pen"

Alicia said...

I just breathed a sigh of relief when I found your page! I was starting to lose hope -thinking the world had forgotten about things like this due to txt msggs and e-mail. I've been tracking similar things on one of my blogs. I've quit posting for a bit. I'm taking a hiatus to be a mommy. I applaude you, friend. I really do. U R GR8.

CJ Cortes said...

Wow! you have an interesting blog!!!

Unknown said...

What is "Stock Room Marketing"?