Monday, October 15, 2007

you could pour it into a cup?

This came from Jean. YooHoo box designers seem to be leaving open the option of other modes of getting YooHoo out of the box. Or not getting it out at all, I suppose. Or they want your mind in the gutter.


Unknown said...



Hugh said...

Check this out.
"Is this ironic doom!?"

Anonymous said...

"Insert straw"

Into "whom"?

jspencer said...

It's a leaked prototype of their upcoming talking box. It will actually tell you, in James Earl Jones' voice, where to put the straw.

Inger said...

better than: Insert "straw"

Doc said...

I suspect that this is the result of someone getting a memo like the following:

Just got a message from Legal. Get the printers to put the text "INSERT STRAW" just above the straw opening.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I think Doc up there nailed it!