Monday, October 29, 2007

kind of like mine, only more mormon

Ok, I can't be too mean to the Romney campaign for using this image (although I can't even find it on their site now, so maybe they got rid of it) because 1) I have a "blog" and 2) it is a neologism. This is the guy who said "shooting varmints, if you will."
However, Ben's caption when he sent this to me was pretty good: "for the weirdos on the net."

UPDATE: Ben showed me where it is on their website: look at the bottom of this page.


jspencer said...

UGH! I can just picture this old man leaning over his kids' screen like "what is this?" "It's a blog, dad." Cut to the next day "My son showed me this 'blog' thingamajig..."

Basically, they assume Romney supporters are ignorant of pop culture and modern times... I'm not taking a political stance, staying out of trouble on this one ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting! :-)

You can still find the graphic at the bottom of

kiki said...

there's 6 of them!
and a chick!

five brothers?

bethany said...

um, those are the parents in the center. You must not follow american presidential politics.

dguzman said...

I didn't realize that the Osmonds got back together.

CapitolMAN said...

Mormons now have to coordinate their outerwear, too? I thought the dress code was limited to the magical undergarments.

Anonymous said...

they're just so literal. "Blue is for boys..."