Friday, October 26, 2007

more foreign language

Hakan saw this in Stockholm. He roughly translates it this way:
We do "NOT" sell beer/cider to anyone that is
- under 18 years of age
- drunk
- presumed to be dealing to minors

We've seen similar things in English, and I bet the quotation marks function the same way. Maybe we do, maybe we don't.


Christine said...

Does that mean "not" unless no one is looking or "not" if we don't wanna?

Heidi said...

I'm a "big fan"

Anonymous said...

I am so "happy" to have found this blog! This is a game my sister and I have been playing for years. And by years, I mean "years"

Thank you for posting these - this will now be one of my regular stops on blogspot.

Leez said...

This blog is "genius" I "love" it!

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that many people use quotation marks in their comments to show how "much"(for example)they love your blog, I have done this myself and after realising so many people do this, am now going to stop.
But seriously this blog makes me laugh, its great a great blog for distraction from study!

jspencer said...

No, really, we "don't" sell to minors! *wink* No, of course "not!!"

village of peace said...

yeah it is Swedish!
many hugs