Tuesday, October 30, 2007

geriatric chickens

Mark gave me this idea and the title of this post. I guess they found some paninis hanging out in the freezer from a while ago, and got them out again.

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Colette said...

I just had to tell you how much I love your blog. I see the misused quotation marks all the time. I saw a sign today, and the quotation marks were around the word "yogurt", so that's pretty scary lol. I'm so glad somebody made their own blog about it! Great work!


jspencer said...

Ouch. Not sure I'd touch that panini. Either that or they're admitting they stole the idea from someone else and it's therefore only "new" from them.

Anonymous said...

Tandoori Chicken Panini

(Sigh)...Is it really that hard?
Even if it's not "new", maybe try "back for a limited time?"

MattyMattMatt said...

Lunch sales items in a bathroom? Makes sence, i guess. after i wash up from pooping, i always think, " what's new on the menu."

Editorz said...
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Kelly said...

i think more importantly...why is this sign on the bathroom counter and not on the frontdoor?? hmm, let me wash my hands and prepare myself to eat some...ooh! chiken panini! NEW? NO WAY!

yea, weird.

bethany said...

I think those are food preparation sinks, not bathroom sinks. Most kitchens have a sink for the people who deal with food to wash hands. When I worked at subway it was in plain view like that - I think on purpose so customers could see how sanitary we were.

jspencer said...

What bathroom have you ever been in with a sneeze guard, Kelly?