Monday, October 29, 2007

really more around a buck

Seth submitted this, but concedes that after tax it costs a dollar and seven cents.
(Back in Athens now, will continue to be the usual amount of sporadic)


Anonymous said...

i pay alot more attention to obnoxious quotation marks now that i've been visiting your blog.

jspencer said...

I guess they're copping to using the crappy practice of 99 cents being referred to as "under a buck." Technically true but c'mon!!

My Middle Name is "Gerous" said...

Maybe this is a veiled reference to something deer related. Perhaps a true nature lover would be able to enjoy such a hot beverage while sitting beneath a male deer.

Unknown said...

also I love the businesses that need to mock Starbucks. Dunkin donuts used to have a sign that said Star coffee for Small Bucks or something along those lines and it was in the classic Starbucks siren circle pattern. not only are there quotation marks but they mock starbucks it is just funny all around.