Sunday, October 21, 2007

some kind of insect around these parts

Phil saw this on the road between Adelaide and Melbourne in Australia. He writes that he didn't see any bees. Maybe he did see a "bee" or two. Maybe by "area" they meant "continent".


Peter said...

I was wondering, if I repeat or
copy my own words, should I
put quotation marks. Actually I
just looked it up in the dictionary, part of the definition where it says "to repeat or copy
the exact words spoken or written
by somebody" I'm a somebody, so
I guess I can quote my self.
"Somebody"-an "unspecified or
unidentified person or somebody
important a well known person"
Basically it has to be someone
with a body. Hmmmmmm. I think
you can even quote the disembodied, after all their some
body too.

A Paperback Writer said...

Hey, what a great blog!
I'm going over to check out your link to apostrophe abuse, since I'm one of those people who carries a pen to correct signs that can't make bloody plural possessives (or even just plain old plurals) correctly.

Johnny said...

I just "Love" you blog. After a camping trip this year I've really taken notice of of misused quotation marks. We stopped to get some "Dry" Firewood (it was dry once, and then it got rained on for 5 days). There was a sign explaining how to buy the "Dry" firewood, and how they were "Good and Honest" People (it was the honor system with a jar) ( so they are their defintion of good and honest, and it doesn't count that they sometimes kidnap the mail carriers). Also at the end it said "Take Care and Have a Good Weekend". Also on a church sign I have seen God in quotation marks. Weird.

Melissa said...

Haha--why even use quation marks if you don't know how?

Reluctant Kerry said...

Perhaps by "Bees" he means crabs, and by "Area" he means his ... area.

stocknuke said...

reminds me of a famous quote
"to bee or not to bee"

Anonymous said...

I hope I don't get "stung."

Piscean Angel said...

ha ha ha ... ur "blog" is too "good". Will be a regular visitor hence forward.

Unknown said...

This is obviously a wellness command for folks to "Bees Active" as opposed to being inactive ;-)