Sunday, October 21, 2007

to pick or not to pick?

Jen saw this at a U-pick blueberry place in Michigan (I feel that the U here is part of the term). Evidently they secretly want you to pick the blueberries on the rows without the ribbons.


jspencer said...

they, they reiterate twice just how important it is that you "not" pick from those rows. I can hear them snickering right now. Stupid, tempting white rows.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the owners of this U-pick place are evil. Maybe they've set it up so that something really, really bad will happen to you if you pick from the wrong rows, so this sign is trying to purposely get people to pick the wrong rows.


Lady Holiday said...

My favorite is when signs are from Management. That way we know the sign isn't from a random stranger trying to trick us into picking berries.