Saturday, May 03, 2008

mmm "pizza"

Megan saw this at Duluth Airport. Given some of the bad food I've eaten in airports maybe it is a pizza-like item. Or maybe the menu isn't actually printed ON a pizza.
More fake pizza here. And a few other pizza-related posts.


Anonymous said...

Someone is talking about getting rid of the semi colon??? I know it has almost no place in prose but in rhetoric its invaluable.

Now if someone could get rid of the "h" in rhetoric...

Does anyone know a better forum for english in general? Like were I could argue that english as a language, or any other language, doesn't need capitalization.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are trying to distinguish themselves from other restaurants where pizza is merely included on their menu. These people are saying that their menu is entirely summed up in one word: "pizza."

That would be why they say "'Pizza' is our menu," as opposed to "'Pizza is ON our menu."

In other words, they're saying, "Wanna see our menu? 'Pizza.' There. That's it. That's our menu."

Anonymous said...

...The AFERburner Lounge?