Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I have no idea what this means

Ever since I told this guy that I don't get that much religious stuff, I keep posting religious stuff. Chi freaked out a cashier while taking a picture of this syntactically confusing sign.


jspencer said...

Does that mean I get a free blessing with my Happy Meal?! nice, I didn't know God had entered an endorsement deal.

Brian said...

If I'm correct, this particular McDonald's is in Indianapolis on the corner of N. Keystone Ave. and E. 52nd St. The story behind this particular McDonald's is it's run by some sort of christian ministry that works with teens and young adults (at risk youth, teen mothers, school dropouts, those that have been in and out of the justice system) to give them jobs and teach them skills and responsibility. When I lived in Indy, people tended to refer to this particular McDonald's as the Blessed McDonald's.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, these are at several McD's here in Indianapolis!