Sunday, October 07, 2007

maybe it's free

Keith can join the club of people who take pictures with their cameraphones at night. He writes about this one: I shudder thinking what one might have to do in exchange for use of this space, but apparently it's not a simple matter of writing out a check every month. Or perhaps the quotes are in reference to the use of the space itself. In that case, I shudder thinking of what he is suggesting be done with such a space if one is to "rent" it.


Dr. Zoom said...

Perhaps he's only willing to give the space to theater troupes performing "Rent."

Anonymous said...

Well in the play, Rent, the characters don't actually pay their rent so they're technically squatting. But the play writers chose not to use the name "Squat" for various reasons.

Perhaps this sign is trying to use a cultural reference as a verb. Space to Be-Like-Those-People-In-That-Play.