Saturday, October 06, 2007

More Press

In case you're not tired of reading articles about me (I know I'm not!) you can read Bill White's column, which featured this blog.


Ashley S. said...

That's great and all, but I think it's funny that in the article about punctuation there is an unnecessary apostrophe in the title of the article. Hmph.

bethany said...

if you read the story closely, you would notice where he said he did it on purpose.

Larry Sheldon said...

This blog is a puzzle to me.

Or I am.

For a large number of years I worked in the data processing arm of a telephone directory company (I have replica of the first mechanically produced white-pages telephone book on my wall. I earned one from the first yellow-pages book but was denied one.)

The relevance of that is the yellow-pages books are full of erroneous, wrong and unnecessary double-quote marks.

Which irritated me no end because I was never in the policy making part of the company and because I had to write parsing code that understood the rules of punctuation but let those damned quote-marks go.

So the puzzle is, when looking at a blog that is on my side of the argument, why do pictures of the damned things MAKE ME SOANGRY THAT I VAN"T EVEN TYPE ANY MORE 5988uhjh

john said...

Awesome article! Congrats on being famous. This one did a much better job than the last one at demonstrating the sort of thing we make fun of.