Monday, October 01, 2007

or don't notice it

Kevin sent me this one. I guess you could excuse it for being the title of the sign? However, most signs do not need descriptive titles.


James Gilmore said...

What I find even more interesting is that this person evidently doesn't want people running their dogs there, and yet encourages them to scoop their poop. So if the sign's audience obeys the first direction on the sign not to run their dogs, exactly whose poop does the signmaker expect them to be scooping?

john said...

the title might as well say "this is a sign" -- but even then it wouldn't need quotes, because that would be like saying "this text is saying 'this is a sign'"

jimmy> their own, of course

Liz said...

That reminds me of the signs that people post that say "POSTED" at the top. Do they think that if it didn't say "POSTED" the sign would not, in fact, be posted?