Thursday, October 25, 2007

or it was really a cat

I figured I'd post again while in a place with internet. Rachael sent me this, and I think the quotation marks here are rather sad. Perhaps the dog was lost on purpose. Poor lonely dog.


Anonymous said...

"this is a really dumb blog, stop wasting your time ("though by me commenting im wasting "my" time") blogging""."

Valerie Moss said...

Perhaps it's name was Found, therefore "Dog Found"
I think it's a fantastic blog myself, the above person must be dumb themselves - they can't even spell "I'm" :D
Congratulations on your Blogger "Blogs of Note" status by the way.
"Val" xxx

Randallrocks said...


if you don't like this blog, then why are you reading it?


jspencer said...

Maybe they want you to imagine them running around shouting "Dog Found!!"