Wednesday, December 19, 2007

fake experience

If you happen to live in the same area as Jared, he recommends this place, especially the hash. However, they prefer to remain ambiguous as to how long they have been open, or how many of those years they were really "serving" anyone.


Kritter Krit said...

What exactly is "hash", by the way? I've always wondered (all '35' of my years alive).

Websters defines it as a "hodgepodge, jumble, or confused muddle".

...Which doesn't really sound very appetizing, no offense.

jspencer said...

Depends on where you get it. It's generally either shredded potatoes (or even leftover potatoes from last night's side dish: roasted w/ veggies or mashed) or corned beef (or sausage or similar meat) or a combination of the two sauteed/pan-fried with peppers, onions, and whatever else is on hand. Basically, it is a hodgepodge and, if made well, a mighty delicious one.

That's how I've always seen it in the Northeast at least. Could be different in other parts of the country.

Gez said...

Hash is a thick stew topped with potatoes (traditionally sliced). Corned beef is the king of hash. Not to be confused with Lancashire hotpot or cottage pie.

I can't help but notice that the house speciality is a burger topped with 2 eggs, 2 links (sausages I assume) and 2 pieces of bacon. It should be called "The Heart Attack".

Anonymous said...

I love the "Roast Beef Hash" at Bob Evans restaurants. Check it out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They must follow the lunar calendar.