Tuesday, December 25, 2007


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A Christmas 2-fer.
O'Neal's - while correctly used apostrophes are in place, it does make me think that they are in fact senseless single quotes. However, let us continue to the Christmas ham of this sign. The "Local Flavor" is clearly called out for emphasis. With the shortage of nearby shrimp since Katrina much of the Shrimp in Gulfport, MS must be imported.

Regardless of the origin of said shrimp, O'Neal's is still the home of the "best" shrimp po-boys. That may be overstating it a bit, but they're not the worst anyway.

not the worst
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Thanks to Michele who pointed this out along the road and didn't seem to mind turning around to get the pictures.


jspencer said...

the "best" shrimp po-boy where? In the district? In the state? In the world? I want to know where their po-boy may or may not possibly be said to be the best.

Scott Smith said...

Unnecessary quotation marks aside, I sure could go for a good shrimp po-boy!