Tuesday, December 18, 2007

population: you figure it out

Heather saw this at a christmas light display in Milwaukee. The whole sign is just too goofy. What sign asks you to count the population yourself?


jspencer said...

They put it in quotes because it's not a number and therefore does not delineate the population.

When you use the word population and then a colon, you're tacitly promising to tell me the population. To then tell me I have to ballpark it myself is a little shitty, I think.

Either that or they have some horny bears and can't keep up.

Schenck said...

Well I count seven.

Anonymous said...

I just can't bear to comment.

Anonymous said...

well, i like a good challenge. and gummy bite-sized treats. if that's what we're dealing with here, then the population may soon be dwindling. all i'm saying.

Lucille said...


It is in Waukesha, Wisconsin and is called Country Christmas.

You drive through and look at the Christmas lights and decorations they have put out. By the way - NOT cheap - $15.00 per car to drive through and look at lights! Yikers!

Well anyway in different areas there are special things to look at. Well in the part with Bears it is called Bear Country -- there are these mechanical bears in buildings and the kids are supposed to count them. It's cute.

There are 15 bears - in case anyone is staying up late at night wondering. Hmmmm ....$15.00 and 15 bears? Interesting! And what on earth Bears are doing in Packer country I have NO idea!

Happy New Year!