Sunday, February 10, 2008


Rachel saw this in Florida. I agree with her, that "gift certificates" sound like a crappy stocking stuffer.


jblue said...

Bonus point for the space after the first QM.

Anonymous said...

wait, so are they gift certificates for coke, or are they for the movie theater, and they just had to squeeze in a little more advertising?

Anonymous said...

Is this sign up all year long? Somehow, I suspect it is.

rachel said...

I think the gift certificates were for the theater, although I'm not sure.

The picture was from before Christmas, and when I drove by the other day, the sign was gone. But I'm sure they'll put up another equally ridiculous sign soon.

Jeff Cutler said...

Shouldn't the quotations be around the word GREAT instead of gift certificates?

I mean they might be "gift certificates" but there is no question that they are great gifts.

I'm puzzled. NO. I'm "puzzled."

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