Monday, February 25, 2008

it is kind of a dumb name for a place

Caron spotted this in Las Vegas and writes, "If they were advertising a “gentlemen’s club” or a steakhouse, I think I would be ok attributing the quotes as emphasis of the pun, but in this case, I just don’t get it." I can't even pick a favorite graphic here, they are all fabulous.


QP said...

I thought the point was that whatever this place is, it's not actually on "The Strip," the central entertainment section of Vegas and where everyone wants to be.

jspencer said...

My eyes! They burn! Too much bad clip-art! It's as if someone found a clipart book from 1995, grabbed MS paint, and went to town.

Sarah said...

I hate music clip art because it is far too often made by people who don't know music notation. See: this sign.

Anonymous said...


i can't put my finger on it exactly, but that woman sprawled on the car looks so uncomfortable. it looks more like she was run over by it (not a reference to her face, but rather to the bizarre contortions of her body).

or like her goal is to see just how steadfast a connection she can make between the car and her pelvis.

and shouldn't legends actually be the word in quotation marks?

Anonymous said...

I liked Dealertainers too. I wonder if they provide infotainment or wear a blingkini.

Anonymous said...

take a gander at those dealertainers.

"ok, we've got the get-ups on. let's be holding some cards!"

"no, then we'll look like magicitainers. i'm gonna hold up blackjack."

"ok, ya me too, then. but let's point at 'em."

"wicked awesome. now, on three..."

"wait, i got this permanent marker, i wanna do a little knuckle art to add some edge.."