Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I am going to read the above (lonely) quotation mark, spotted in the San Juan airport, to mean that they do not have style.


Anonymous said...

That one-sided, open-ended QM...sigh. What about the hyphenated deli-sandwich? A deli sandwich -- okay. A deli-sandwich looks like a delicatessen and sandwich have merged into one creation. Well, I'm not there. Maybe they have.

Jeff Cutler said...

This buffalo is too sexy for its close quote.

And we all can agree that sexy IS a style. Or as the buffalo would have you say it, "style.

Bowl of Cheese
DON'T try to tag your urls without a close quote!! It can be deadly.

Kritter Krit said...

Love it, Ruth!

loriva said...

I think that they incorrectly used double quotes, when they wanted to use a single quote to use the more colloquial 'style instead of es-style, as in "You have such ess-tyle, that it invades my ess-pace."