Friday, December 28, 2007

Hoosier Elevator

Hoosier Elevator
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Who's your elevator baby?
I spotted this in an Indiana elevator.
There are so many "buttons" to press and hold I don't know where to begin. The funny thing is that while the instructions seem so clear, none of the buttons were actually labeled as they are described. The buttons have symbols on them, but no words.
Good luck if you get stuck and need to follow along.


Unknown said...

Don't you mean "who's your elevator"?

Anonymous said...

Seconding Marlyn. Quick, change it before someone sees!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes people can make the most simple things complicated. Kudos to the people who designed that.

Anonymous said...

Marlyn and abs: the entry does begin with "Who's your elevator, baby?" The "Hoosier Elevator" headline refers to the fact that the photo was taken in Indiana, the Hoosier State. It's a play on words — a rather clever one.

Anonymous said...

I actually think these quotation marks are justified. They are quoting the text labels marked on the buttons. I would do the same.

jspencer said...

She specifically said none of the buttons were labeled. Read the post.

Anthony Juliano said...

As a "Hoosier," I "demand" to know where this elevator "is." "Please."