Friday, March 07, 2008

Dropping out

Jenni sent this in from the restroom of a Southwest Airlines flight.
While I'm a little creeped-out about anyone taking pictures in a restroom, I'll let it slide since there are quotes involved.
The instructions read:

From what I've heard about airline bathrooms, dropping anything "in" will cause it to eventually drop "out". Though, I'm not sure about holding the door "open". Am I really supposed to hold it closed and then phase my trash through the door in some way?

Jenni also kindly wrote:
Thanks for amusing us :)

I'm sure she meant to write "amusing".

Thanks for your contribution Jenni.


bethany said...

Brian, taking a photo in a bathroom is nothing compared to the lengths some people go for the quotation marks blog.

Unknown said...

It is also worth noting that "thank you" is surrounded by hearts, which, while not quotations marks serve a similar purpose and, in any case, are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh, is THAT how you throw away garbage? And I've been using my elbow and foot. Tsk! Why the "CAUTION" though? Obviously, I've been unaware of the danger involved too.

Mike said...

Gee, too bad if you are an trash disposal for you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is a "fine" for using one hand... do not tell.. I have never used two hands throwing away my trash. n

Anonymous said...

Bethany, for you, I'd climb out on the wing.

jspencer said...

It's the new dance craze sweeping the nation!

You hold the door... everyone?


You throw the trash... Come on!


Anonymous said...

William said...

"It is also worth noting that 'thank you' is surrounded by hearts..."

You'll find the heart motif a lot on Southwest Airlines. It's a reference to Dallas Love Field, where the airline started.

Anonymous said...

I like the implication that a person might have more than two hands, and therefor needs to number them.