Monday, March 31, 2008

you won't get any rest

Aaron saw this in Long Beach, CA. I suppose any non-US reader might argue those are totally appropriate. Why DO we call them restrooms?


jspencer said...

It sounds nicer than "pissholes"

Kirsten Schultz said...

Or *read with a Scottish accent* buckets o' crap

J. Sturges said...

Blast! Long-time lurker to this blog, and I actually took a photo of this sign with the intent to send it in, and never got around to it!

You were on the landing to get to Catalina Island, were you not?

-Aaron- said...

Indeed i was! Good eye.

AnneDroid said...

I love this blog.
I am OCD re inverted commas and misplaced apostrophe's.
But I think you're right. There might be some justification for this particular set. As a Brit, I find "restrooms" a funny way to describe public toilets - certainly not generally somewhere you'd fancy lingering for a rest!