Saturday, March 01, 2008

"shake" it like a polaroid picture

Elizabeth writes, "Judging by the crappy looking candy in this machine, I can see why they
refer to a so-called 'win'."
What kind of "pounding" have they encountered, I wonder?


joeythelovesponge said...

looks like it's encouraged to open a big can-o-woopass on that machine.

The Great Joe Bivins said...

How many is "2" quarters? Will it work if I just put one in? Or will it hold out till I've stuffed fifty or so up it? THIS IS A SITUATION WHERE SPECIFICITY IS PREFERRED.

Anonymous said...

so does it say..

.50 To Play;
"2" Quarters Only (a rather repetitive plea to play)


.50 To Play "2" (a strange, artist-formerly-known-as name for an arcade game);
Quarters Only