Sunday, November 04, 2007

kind of like playing redlight-greenlight

I got two emails with "stops" on them in a row, so I thought I'd post them together. They are from Janessa and Matt, respectively. In both cases, I suggest actually stopping to prevent running into a fence or building.


Sidney Cammeresi said...

Dear Ms Keely,

I appreciate your cataloguing of humourous quotation usage very much.

I am amused, in especial, by the rightmost quotation mark in the second example hereabove due to its inverted nature. It's frankly beyond my comprehension as to how one causes a computer to generate such a glyph in the first place, much less in a way such that one might think it is an actual punctuation mark and not just some random arrangement of pixels.

I should like to suggest a special distinction be awarded to examples containing inverted quotation marks.

Yours very sincerely,
Sidney August Cammeresi IV

jspencer said...

Wow, neither of these make any sense whatsoever! I'm still amazed when they are permanent, professionally made, probably expensive signs. Doesn't anyone look at them first?