Sunday, November 04, 2007

more "best" breakfasts

This place in Seattle is not the first place to earn the distinction of "best" breakfast in town. Still better than toaster waffles, probably, since those taste like cardboard with syrup.
Thanks, Chris.


jspencer said...

Now, before someone tries it, it's still not correct even if someone SAID it's the best. They're not saying who they're quoting, and you can't just put someone's quote in the middle of a sentence like that. Think before you type.

Anonymous said...

"more "best" breakfasats"

breakfasat? I got nothing.

bethany said...

yeah.... typos happen.

ProudGulfWarVet65 said...

To be fair, I can but wonder if at least some of these unnecessary quotes-as in this case-result from frivolous lawsuits:

I can believe that some business owners would employ quotes in order to qualify their claims of "best", "fastest service". "Some"...but like you, I suspect that most are simply hopelessly illiterate. Those are easy to spot by their other errors. JMHO. :)

SSteve said...

Maybe the toaster “waffles” would taste better if they weren’t just slices of bread.